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Kapadokya El Sanatlari Merkezi Onyx Jewelry shop

Bought jewelry
Turquoise- real has copper brown in it
Anti turquoise gets greener in 24 years
Four stone ring - Green emerald Heaven,
Red Ruby Love, White Diamond Loyalty, blue sapphire Mystery

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5/29/2015 at 7:53 AM EMI HALIM wrote:

Dear Sir , I'd like to buy 'Sultan' which I've bought from your store a year ago.
Could you send me by email, your catalog about it and also your other collection.

We are plannning to go to your place by the end of June,
and could you please tell us the easy way to get to your place ( We are flying from Borneo to Istanbul , then how ?)

Awaiting your response ASAP.

Thank you


8/14/2014 at 8:27 PM marta drugueri wrote:

Necesito que me encuentren alguna joyería en argentina Buenos Aires, porque compré en su negocio unos aros que se perdió la piedra y necesito repararlos, gracias por su atención. martadrugueri@yahoo.com.ar

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